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voice directed order picking
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Enhance accuracy with voice picking
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Benefits of Voice Directed Warehousing:

  • Monitor performance anytime, anywhere in real time
  • Real Time Decision Making.
  • Replenishment Monitoring.
  • Cost Effective & Fast ROI.
  • Longer Asset Utilization & Lifecycle.
  • Increases speed and efficiency.
  • Eliminates manual and time-consuming paperwork.
  • EEnables real-time exception management.
  • Optimizes asset utilization.
  • Increases energy efficiency.
  • Provides real-time proof of delivery and yard management.
OWM Voice Picking Tehnology for Warehouse

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We strongly believe in our core values: integrity, value addition, respect and commitment that enable us to differentiate from our competitors. The foundation of our success is built upon the long-standing partnerships we have created with our customers through our commitment, consistent service delivery and ROI-driven innovative supply chain solutions.
With amalgamation of technologies, practices, skilled professionals and available equipments, we always manage to enhance accuracy on inventory, effectively manage wall-to-wall warehouse operations, takes care of in-plant-logistics, deliver materials on time, enable fast production and maintenance on-demand.

Voice Picking

In a voice directed warehouse, workers wear a headset connected to a small wearable computer, similar in size to a Sony Walkman, which tells the worker where to go and what to do using verbal prompts. Workers confirm their tasks by speaking pre-defined commands and reading confirmation codes printed on locations or products throughout the warehouse. The speech recognition software running on the wearable computer 'understands' the workers' responses.

Voice-directed warehousing is typically used instead of paper- or mobile computer-based systems that require workers to read instructions and scan barcodes or key-enter information to confirm their tasks. By freeing a worker's hands and eyes, voice directed systems typically improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety.[3] Whilst VDW was originally used in picking orders, now all warehouse functions such as goods receiving, put-away, replenishment, shipping, and returns processing can be coordinated by voice systems.

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Hands free and eyes free voice picking capability in your warehouse can boast massive productivity in order picking and help you stay ahead in the competition.