Pallet ASRS Crane

Automated storage and retrieval machines that run on rails, with a single or double mast frame depending on the requirements of the system. Equipped with telescopic forks, for the storage and retrieval of pallets from single or double-deep racks, making this solution is highly adaptable to a wide range of materials and handling needs.


owm multi deep shuttle asrs

AS/RS Stacker cranes- Designed according to FEM specifications, our AS/RS stacker cranes are individually engineered and customized to suit customer-specific storage in terms of pallet dimensions, weight, and throughput requirements. Up to 40 pallets In & Out per hour per crane. To overcome vibrations in the mast during operation, anti oscillation devices and tampering programs are implemented.


The pallet shuttle ASRS and Carrier can communicate with each other and also with the Shuttle Fleet Management Software (SFMS), which relays instructions as to which pallet to store and retrieve from which location. The shuttle and shuttle carrier are fitted with state-of-art distance, positioning, and proximity sensors, and are highly accurate and able to place pallets within 5 mm accuracy. Each Shuttle & Shuttle Carrier operates on a single level and can access pallets stored in a level by moving in orthogonal directions to each other.

Top View of Automation

owm multi deep shuttle asrs

OWM asrs in warehouse


  • Guaranteed pallet throughput.

  • Optimum Sequencing of Material

  • Safe and efficient pallet handling.
  • Single & Double deep for optimum pallet selectivity.
  • Multi-deep achieved with Craftsman Shuttle.
  • Reliability Ensured.
  • Controlled Inventory.
  • Accurate inventory ERP sync.
  • 24/7 Availability.
  • Cost saving in labour and space

owm vertical life modules for smart warehouse

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