Sorting And Transfer Vehicle

The STV system is based on intelligent, high-speed, and rail-guided vehicles customized for specific load-handling applications. This technology is an efficient, cost-effective, and fast option for complex sorting applications or connecting very distant points. It is also an interesting alternative to long conveyor lines and reduces queuing.


owm multi deep shuttle asrs

Sorting and Transfer Vehicle

Rail-guided transfer systems, that travel along the floor of a facility without an on-board operator. Their movements are directed by a combination of software and sensor-based guidance systems which are controlled by our WMS.

  • Flexibility in order execution and destination planning.
  • High speed.
  • Discrete Pallet transfer.

Top View of Automation

sorthing vehicle


  • Flexibility in order execution and destination planning.

  • High speed.

  • Optimized space utilization.
  • Multi-deep storage.
  • Fast option for complex sorting applications.
  • Light weight design.
  • Discrete Pallet transfer.
  • Highly efficient and cost effective.

owm vertical life modules for smart warehouse

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