Crane Shuttle ASRS

Our Pallet shuttle systems are incorporated with Stacker Cranes for higher density storage racking. The stacker crane carries out movements from input and output locations to the storage channel replacing forklifts for faster and more efficient material flow.


owm multi deep shuttle asrs

Crane Shuttle ASRS

The pallet shuttle then moves with the pallet load, from the crane to the innermost free storage location. High-density storage racks are installed on either side of the working aisle hence only one aisle space is required. The shuttle and the stacker crane are managed by our WMS software, which administers warehouse operations.

  • Shuttle allows you to increase the storage density of warehouse system
  • Compact warehouse system
  • Inhouse design and manufacturing
  • Potential in terms of filling level, throughput, and diversity of items, space utilization and load protection

Top View of Automation

owm multi deep shuttle asrs


  • Guaranteed pallet throughput.

  • Single & Double deep for optimum pallet selectivity.

  • High Reliability.
  • 24/7 Availability.
  • Optimum sequencing of material.
  • Safe and efficient pallet handling.
  • Multi-deep achieved with Craftsman Shuttle.
  • Accurate inventory with ERP sync.
  • Cost saving in labour and space.

owm vertical life modules for smart warehouse

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