Mini Load ASRS Crane

Mini Load stacker cranes designed for smaller loads such as bins, totes, carton boxes, etc. These systems provide both high storage capacity and high throughput throughout the operation.

The Mini-Load Automated warehouse for bins is made up of a central aisle, along which a stacker crane travels, and two racks built on either side used to store bins. Its function is to store and stock the bins according to the system’s requests, updating the information in real time. Coupled with our mini-load sorting and conveying systems for picking and handling operations.


Miniload ASRS


The design of the stacker cranes enables the forces transmitted to the supporting structure to be minimized thus preventing long-term damage to the racking or the structure of the warehouse. Craftsman storage has also equipped its machines with essential ergonomic and safety systems necessary to carry out work orders and maintenance as easy as possible

  • Flexible bin sizes.
  • Low energy cost.
  • Regenerative drives.

Top View of Automation

owm multi deep shuttle asrs


  • Guaranteed pallet throughput

  • Safe and efficient pallet handling

  • Accurate inventory with ERP sync
  • Cost saving in labour and space.
  • Optimum Sequencing of material.
  • Reliable.
  • 24/7 Availability.

owm vertical life modules for smart warehouse

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