Miniload Shuttle

Mini-Load Shuttle ASRS system is a high throughput automated storage and retrieval system for bins, totes, and cartons. Mini-Load Shuttle ASRS systems are designed with faster performance and operational efficiency, resulting in higher productivity. Craftsman’s Crato, A single-level miniload shuttle system provides optimum space utilization with high throughput capabilities.


Mini Load


Crato is fitted with telescopic forks for storage and retrieval designed to handle Totes of sizes from 300mmx400mm up to 600mm x 400 mm. Weights up to 50 kg per tote can be handled efficiently and reliably by Crato.

  • Combining Crato shuttles with Craftsman’s innovative Mini-load lift, throughputs of up to 400 totes per hour per lift can be achieved
  • Multiple systems can be stacked together for even higher throughputs
  • Double deep storage for maximum storage density.

Top View of Automation

owm miniload


  • High speeds can be achieved.

  • High throughput.

  • Maximum space utilization.
  • Customized to material size.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Safety light indicators.

owm vertical life modules for smart warehouse

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